Articles Must Be Contained by Your Affiliate Marketing Site

Articles-Must-Be-Contained-by-Your-Affiliate-Marketing-Site Articles Must Be Contained by Your Affiliate Marketing Site


Articles Must Be Contained by Your Affiliate Marketing Site

In many ways, affiliate marketing follows a simple formula that can be more or less summarized as follows:

Identify a market that needs a solution;
Identify a product that meets this demand.
Become a partner for this product. and
Market away!

This should be easy because, as the hype often stresses, you do not need your own product, website or autoresponder – and there are any number of social media and Web 2.0 platforms that you can essentially fall back on advertise for free.

Although it’s often that easy, it’s rarely that easy. Especially for newbie affiliate marketers, the difference between knowing what to do and the right thing to do is often difficult to overcome.

An aspect of affiliate marketing that is particularly important to mastering, although often difficult to understand, is writing articles to increase traffic to your websites. The mistake most aspiring affiliate marketers make is that they are just starting to write without having a plan or strategy.

It’s fair to say that the posts you post on your blog and the articles you submit in article directories do not have to be award-winning material. ) it is also necessary to recognize that these articles must meet certain minimum criteria in order to fulfill the entire purpose of the letter – that is to turn visitors into buyers.

So I’d like to share with you the four types of articles that I think should have any affiliate marketing site.

Article for product evaluation
People are always looking for information about products. Maybe they’ve heard of a product from a friend, or they’ve been in a sales pitch somewhere else and are looking for an objective opinion on the internet before making a purchase decision. Give your potential customers what they want to generate traffic and build trust: honest and honest information about your partner product in the form of a product review.

Be honest with your reviews. In addition to all the good reasons why you should buy your partner product, mention the disadvantages that the product might have. While this may seem like unnecessarily driving people out, a balanced view gives readers peace of mind that they have the information they need to make their own decisions.

If you do this right, you can also promote your own partner product. While only a few people on a page in which they expect a balanced product rating to respond positively to a strong sales pitch, it is those who prefer your product (based on the totality of features, price or usability) usage, etc.) appreciate a link for buying the product.

Regardless of whether you made a sale or added a subscriber to your list, I hope you have at least built up a bit of trust that motivates your readers to keep coming back.

Article for product comparison

If you are sure that your product will be sold on the market, write an article comparing the product you advertise with one or more similar products. Maybe the product you are promoting is not the only one on the market. and it’s quite possible that your potential customer already knows a little about these other products or at least made a first impression. Therefore, it is wise to respond directly to this first impression.

One thing you should always remember, especially if a competitive product has comparable or even better functionality, is to focus on the * benefits * the user receives by choosing his product over the other. Does your product save more time, for example? save more money? Do you need less work? etc. If you can prove that the product you advertise offers your visitor more benefits than a competing product, you’ve come a long way toward selling.

Of course you should do this comparison in an appropriate way. Not only highlight all the disadvantages of the competition, but also the benefits of your own product. However, if you wish, you can * * * slightly evaluate the benefits that you compare. Highlight the benefits of the other product and then compare them to make sure your product is ahead. Choose wisely which advantages of the competing product you want to highlight. If the competitor’s product has qualities you can not beat, you can overlook that quality and instead focus on the benefits of the other product that your product can outperform.

One of the strongest motivations for a purchase decision is the establishment of a social proof. We all strive to validate our decisions in the decisions others have made. Social proof is the phenomenon where when I see that others (people like me) have bought the same product, it adds credibility to the product and I feel safer buying the same product. For this reason, on sales pages you will often see testimonials page by page, in which satisfied predecessors talk about how the product saved them time, brought them money, helped them lose weight, helped them get their ex back and trained their dog to sit, and so on. While the luminous and numerous testimonies are clich├ęs, they are no less effective just because you know why they are presented to you.

Now that you understand that, you can see why it’s so important to use this effective technique in your affiliate marketing. Your potential customers need to know that other people – ideally similar people in terms of circumstances and needs – have decided to buy your product and have thoroughly deducted the promised benefits.

For these reasons, testimonials are most effective if they are personal and specific. For example, “Joe’s product was great” is not a very effective rating. “Joe’s product, however, helped me increase my maximum bench press weight by 50 pounds in 4 weeks,” providing your reader with the security he seeks. (Well, of course that was just one example – I have no idea if there are any products that promise this, or if this example makes any sense at all.) And what you can use to further personalize the testimonial is to become one Make a picture of your reviewer – and if it’s a physical product you’re promoting, leave it standing or standing next to the product.

If you have not thought about or planned in advance, it may be difficult to find people who can prove the benefits of your products in reality and ask for a certificate from them. At a minimum, you may want to keep your customers’ contact information from past sales and simply email them to write a testimonial if they like the product. Better yet, you could offer an ethical bribe in exchange for a testimonial, such as the promise to publish a link to your website along with your testimonial on your website. Another tactic that works well is offering the first x people free copies of your product in return for a testimonial. That way, you can have your testimonials in place as your marketing efforts take their mainstream step.

Article on new products
Keep your affiliate marketing website up to date with the latest news on the product. You may want to include the latest promotions, developments, or new product information. e.g. “Recent scientific studies show that X-product promotes hair growth”. An excellent way to keep this information up-to-date is to create a Google warning based on the product name.

Keep your short messages short – do not bombard your readers with too much information. If you happen to have a dozen new pieces of information about your product, publish them on your affiliate marketing site as weekly news stories.

This type of article can be used at once or in combination. It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your affiliate product or program – and you’re certainly on track to succeed in your affiliate marketing!

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