Authors It s True the Best Things in Life Are Free

Friday, December 6th 2019. | letter

Authors-It-s-True-the-Best-Things-in-Life-Are-Free Authors It s True the Best Things in Life Are Free


Authors It s True the Best Things in Life Are Free

Free, free, free. We all like it freely. Nothing guarantees queues like a table with free samples. The giving away of free samples makes our tails and our attention to wobble. The word “free” alone causes more excitement and addresses the child in all of us who wants a prize. One strategy that we often recommend to our customers is offering “free content”, consultations, book chapters or webinars. This demonstrates your expertise and helps build a relationship with the readers. To make reviewers and interviewers something free can also lead to a lot of media hype.

What free content can you distribute? When visitors come to your site, they can exchange their e-mail addresses with you for your free article. Create your e-mail list with everything you can create for free. You do not have to create anything new just to give something away. What’s suitable for screensavers or downloadable printouts in your book? What in your book stands for itself and can become a product, a diagram, a graphic or a map? For novelists, it may be a chapter or an excerpt.

Do you have an eBook? Experiment with Kindle Select’s free book cages. One of our clients with a metaphysical memory and very little effort had over 300 downloads in one day. These 300 downloads caused quite a stir over her book and more sales of her book in print.
Make a screensaver out of your book cover or other pictures in your book. A screensaver serves as an advertisement by displaying your company logos or presenting your book. It contains various text effects that allow you to view the date, time, or personal message in any font or color.
Create an information video with your webcam, publish it on your website, and on sites that support videos like YouTube. Use information or excerpts from your book as content. If you offer it as a free sample in exchange for an e-mail address, create a mailing list.
Offer free short advice. Hold virtual fireside chat where readers or fans can ask you questions. Host a narrative night and share excerpts and inspirations from your novel.
One of our clients has an overview of our commitments to life in their book. She added one of her photographs as a background and gave away this graphic on her website. Every day new visitors come and download the print.
What in your book does your material associate with winter holidays? One of our clients has written a meta-analysis book that deals with the problems of life. She sends a coaster, which she made out of the cover of her book, to the media. Their motto is “no problem” to have a holiday … “Coast” continues through …
Share on FB. That is always free. Share quotes, excerpts, and freebies of your book on FB. Create a conversation with other writers who write about your topic. Your followers will know about you, and your followers will benefit them.

Create a 30-minute webinar on the material in your book. Host it as a weekly or bimonthly conference call during a free conference call or as a meeting on go to meeting. Change the topic once a month to prevent other visitors from returning to your site.

Besides creating a mailing list, giving a gift improves our karma, keeps people coming back to your site, and can cause a stir. I firmly believe in recycling. Think of your giveaway as a way to recycle your material and still keep it fresh by creating it in a different form. Let people come back to see what you offer, they will be your fans and maybe even your evangelists for your book. How many Harry Potter evangelists did you need to make J.K. Rowling?

The best things in life are free. Hugs, love, smiles, laughter, sunsets, lightning, birdsong, a dog affection and a positive attitude are all free. Have fun with your free samples, experiment and see what works best for you and your fans. The opportunities for freebies are limited only by your imagination, which is the way it is