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How to Invest in Real Estate With Private Money

  How to Invest in Real Estate With Private Money I am by no means a real estate investor. In fact, I only have 3 rental properties. The first one I bought without money. I used hard money to make the purchase and then traditional loans to refinance and repay the lender for hard money.… Read More »

Summary Sentence Trick for Grant Writers

  Summary Sentence Trick for Grant Writers In order to set your grant proposals apart from the competition, you need to grab the reader’s attention from the start. The summary sentence trick is clever because it combines 7 key elements that funders are looking for in one sentence. This article provides an example and step-by-step… Read More »

Why Custom Email Templates Are In Demand

  Why Custom Email Templates Are In Demand The world is full of competition and it is really important that we all compete. The recession hit the global economy hard, especially those that were employed in some companies. The people who were safe were the ones who owned a business, and custom email templates were… Read More »

investment summary template

  investment summary template This article explains a simple way to create a lottery template: view the latest results and identify patterns. We use a real lottery, the New Zealand Lotto, a standard 6-by-40-ball game in which you win by drawing the balls in any order. There are 3,838,380 possible combinations, so your odds are… Read More »

Squeeze Page Templates Squeeze Pages That Work

  Squeeze Page Templates Squeeze Pages That Work Recently, I came across an eBook by Robin Araoz entitled “Squeeze Page Secrets: Increase Opt-In Rates by More Than 10%”. What impressed me most was not the author, not that I wanted to discredit her in any way. She seemed to be doing her homework very well!… Read More »

business analytics resume

    business analytics resume Business plans, which primarily serve to introduce the company to outsiders, differ in format and presentation from a business plan that has been developed as a management tool. While it would be beneficial for the company and its management to set the goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans set out… Read More »

Summary Of A Business Plan

  Summary Of A Business Plan Market data is very important. Is there a demand for your product or service? What makes your product or service unique and can it fill a gap in the market? Your business plan should have all the financing you need to run the business, and the money should be… Read More »

resume template for writers

  resume template for writers If you are not yet using any dedicated templates for your freelance writing jobs, you should do so. The benefit of freelance writers is the efficiency with which you achieve the desired reader response. The organization and structure of your article writing becomes much easier and the impact on your… Read More »

real estate resumes samples

  real estate resumes samples Most investors do not realize the power of a good real estate closer and tend to pay the lowest possible fees. The value of having a good lawyer, not just a law firm, is to keep you away from problems you do not even know until it’s too late. I’m… Read More »

Investment Funding in the New Decade

  Investment Funding in the New Decade The main difference between a variable pricing offer, often referred to as an “equity line” or “special purpose placement (” SPP “), and a traditional raise, often referred to as” fixed pricing, “is that a With absolute certainty SPP offers you the money you need. Here are the… Read More »