five Affidavit Writing Keynotes

five-Affidavit-Writing-Keynotes five Affidavit Writing Keynotes


five Affidavit Writing Keynotes

What is an affidavit?

In Wikipedia, it is defined as “a formal affidavit” signed by the applicant (also referred to as affiant or authorized representative) and publicized by an oath-bearer, for example a notary, in relation to the accuracy of the applicant’s signature . ”

In other words, an affidavit is a written statement of the facts of a particular subject signed by the applicant as true and authenticated by a person with legal authority. Such authority may be an Ombudsman, a lawyer or a Justice of the Peace, depending on the country of origin of the document.

How are affidavits written?

Affidavits are often written in the first person by the person making the statement. The explanation itself consists of numbered paragraphs. Although there are no specific rules, an affidavit is based on a specific format. Such a format is as follows:

1. header or title. This consists of the name of the applicant or the subject of the document. For example: affidavit from Aaren Azhar Victor or Contract Affidavit.

2. Statement of facts or documents. The first paragraph should refer to the applicant’s personal data or information. This information includes the full name, age, home address and, if applicable, identity card and passport number.

3. The following paragraphs deal with the key facts about the subject of the document. These are also called affidavits.

4. Footer or signature. The affidavits must be signed by both the applicant and the person sworn in. The names of persons signing affidavits must be legibly printed directly below the signature. As the date on which the statement was sworn in is a requirement, an example of a footer would be:

Gerard Surin, who was duly sworn in according to the law for the first time, declares that he has read the above CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY from his subscriber and that the matters stated herein are true to the best of our knowledge and belief.


Gerard Surin


on this October 24, 2009.


Patricia Lee

Commissioner of Oaths

Expiration date of the commission:

5. If documents are attached as references to affidavits, they must also be signed by the applicant and given the same date.

In addition to the above, an affidavit should be written with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar and meet all the requirements for good writing. Although templates and forms are available, all affidavits should be proofread and reviewed for overall quality. Were the words used correctly? Could the fact-finding be improved by better use of words? These and some other elements of a good letter must be carefully examined and amended as necessary. Find out how this can be done effectively and easily. Writing in general and writing a sworn statement in particular need not be difficult.

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