How To Write a Resignation Letter

How-To-Write-a-Resignation-Letter How To Write a Resignation Letter


How To Write a Resignation Letter

It is notice time. It is time to depart from the present position. It’s time to grab a notebook and write the letter of termination. So what are you doing? Should you provide a list of reasons why you are leaving? Should you feel guilty about abandoning your team and organization? Should you provide a list of reasons for how badly you have been treated? Should you become sentimental and list everything you have gained and how wonderful it was?

The ideal letter of termination is the shortest to the point. Enter the date of the resignation and ask when the organization might let you go. The more detailed you proceed, the more explanations follow. Stating reasons for leaving could be open to all sorts of misinterpretations, so a simple “I would like to withdraw from xx from that date” would do so. There is no reason to feel guilty about abandoning the organization because it is a professional relationship. Just as you have a right to career opportunities, the organization also has the right to throw you out when you are not needed. So there is really no reason to feel guilty. But yes, if the job requires you to train another person or finish something you’ve started, it’s only fair that you complete that part. If you stop because of bad experiences, it is not a good idea to put this on paper, because then the organization could think about your motives and bring the process to a standstill. Nor do you have to be sentimentalize about the organization, because if for any reason you have to sue the employer, your letter will make it rather difficult to prove that you have had a difficult time in the organization.

All these points point in one direction. When it comes to the termination letter, keep it simple and clear, polite and formal. Add a touch of gratitude, because it always pays to be grateful. Above all, remember that you may need to get a hint from your former employer at a later date.

A pattern termination letter would look something like this.



phone number



Name of the addressee

Name of the company


Dear Mrs / Mr. X:

Please treat this letter as my formal termination of Y. I would like to be relieved of my duties as Z in one week. I hope that the notice period is sufficient and I would like to know if I have to carry out certain work within this period.

I would also like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work here.

Yours sincerely,


(Name the title)

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