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Online-Cash-Surveys Online Cash Surveys

Online Cash Surveys

If you need extra money, be sure to do online surveys. I have received some checks and PayPal payments from online surveys, which proves to me that paid surveys are legitimate. You just have to investigate to find the poll programs that are not scams. There are several online sites that list legitimate surveys and those that you should avoid. Before signing up for surveys, visit the Survey Police website. This is a great website with a wealth of information about different survey companies. Survey Police helps identify online survey scams by listing the verified and unverified survey companies. I can not say enough good things about this site, which is a great resource for those who want to complete surveys. You should never pay to participate in paid survey sites or to participate in paid surveys. Advertisers should pay for their honest opinions.

If you have signed up for some surveys, you can make money from the comfort of your own home. The more survey sites you enter, the more money you will earn. For example,

Cash Crate offers 2 daily surveys for which 80 cents each are paid. You do not have to enter information or sign up for anything. Some survey sites give money, rewards, points and / or entry into their raffle to win prizes.

You can earn between $ 100 and $ 300 per month on surveys. Do not get me wrong now, it will take some time for me to start, as some of them will take 2-6 weeks to pay after graduation, but once you start, the money will slowly but surely go down. Always check your emails and survey pages for available surveys. In your spare time, you can generate additional income in no time. This really is a great way to make money by giving your opinion on something.

My top 10 paid surveys

1st Survey Savvy

2nd Opinion Outpost

3. Survey pot

4. Pinecone Research

5. Global test market

6. Clearvoice

7. Money box

8. Your2cents

9. Viewpoint forum

10. Mysurvey

Survey Savvy – You can expect to receive an average of $ 2 to $ 20 per survey. If you complete an advance survey and then do not qualify, you will be taking part in their monthly sweepstakes for fifty $ 10 prizes. Survey Savvy will pay by check.

Opinion Outpost – Most of their surveys average between 10 and 100 points, depending on the length of the survey. At 10 points = 1 USD, most surveys pay between 1 USD and 10 USD. Opinion Outpost pays by check, you can expect to receive it by mail within 6 weeks.

Poll Spot – You’ll usually get a few polls a week. On average, you can earn between $ 3 and $ 10 for each survey and win $ 1,000 at a quarterly raffle. After you have ordered your check, you should receive it in 4-6 weeks.

Pinecone Research – Known for being one of the most reliable online survey companies. The payout is $ 3 for every 15-20-minute survey. To sign up for Pinecone Research, you’ll need to locate a Pinecone banner.

Global Test Market – Most polls pay about 50 points, which is $ 2.50. You can make a withdrawal if you earn 1000 points or $ 50 that you can exchange for cash. The payment is made by check. On average, each survey takes 15 minutes to complete. You will be rewarded with market points that can be redeemed for cash. Each survey you take gives you points, even if you do not qualify.

Clearvoice – When you qualify for and complete a survey, you will receive a reward of between $ 1 and $ 20. If you’re trying to take a survey but fail to qualify, you’ll still be rewarded with a small cash reward, typically $ 0.25. Once your account reaches $ 10, you can redeem your revenue for a variety of rewards.

Cashcrate – As mentioned above, Cashcrate offers 2 daily surveys, each paying 80 cents. You do not have to enter information or sign up for anything. Some survey sites give money, rewards, points and / or entry into their raffle to win prizes. You can also earn extra money through referrals. You can earn 20% of your referrals and 10% of your referrals. You also receive a $ 3.00 bonus for each referral that earns your first $ 10.00.

Your2cents- You can earn $ 1.00- $ 5.00 per survey that you qualify for and complete. If you do not qualify for a survey, you will be rewarded with entry to the $ 5,000 raffle and / or a small cash reward. You can request a cash payment in the form of a check once you have accumulated $ 5 or more.

Viewpoint Forum – Earn 20 to 50 points for each survey, lasting 2 to 15 minutes. You’ll need at least 375 points to receive a $ 10 payout. Recommendations bring you 100 points per person. You will receive up to 5 recommendations. You can also submit your ideas to the weekly survey and earn an additional 50 points. Currently, they no longer accept applications without referral. You must be referenced by an existing member or receive a special invitation from Viewpoint Forum or one of its affiliates.

Mysurvey – First survey company I signed up with. Mysurvey usually sends a few polls a week. You will typically receive 10 points per survey. You can also recommend your friends and earn 150 points for each referral. You can turn your points into donations, prizes or cash.

Four things to think about to be successful:

Participate in the surveys as soon as you receive the e-mail invitations. You can increase your chances of earning even more great prizes, rewards and money.
Make sure you complete and update your member profiles. The number of surveys you receive depends on your profile and recent studies. In general, however, you should receive at least 4 to 6 invitations per month from each survey site.
You should never pay to join a paid survey site.
The more survey sites you enter, the more money you will earn.

So if you’d like to voice your opinion, sign up for online surveys and earn extra money in your spare time.