Proposal Writing Samples May Improve Your Proposals

Proposal-Writing-Samples-May-Improve-Your-Proposals Proposal Writing Samples May Improve Your Proposals


Proposal Writing Samples May Improve Your Proposals

Examples of proposal writing can sometimes help you get started with your drafting exercises. However, you should always look at a number of examples to see which ones better fit your industry, customer base, or image that you want to project.

Examples of writing proposals that you find on the Web can be divided into several categories.

– Focus on the structure or format of the proposal.
– Focus on the graphic elements that are important to draw attention to the document.
– Others provide tips on grammar and style that should be followed.

The best examples of proposal writing show skills, talents, and experience in sales, sales management, business development, business writing, marketing, and communication skills.

In other words, you should contact an expert in drafting proposals. An expert in writing proposals has experience and a proven track record in all of the abilities and talents listed above, not just one or two.

The following two suggested patterns from an imaginary company, Travel and Meetings Pro, illustrate the difference between a professionally prepared pattern for sale and a pattern designed for storytelling.

Can you identify the one with the greater chance of achieving positive results?


Dear Travel & Meetings Pro Partner,

Travel & Meetings Pro is proud to announce a new Website Marketing Initiative for 2008!

Our official website is a comprehensive website tailored to the needs of visitors, meeting planners, tour planners, residents and partners. Since launching in 2005, traffic to our website has continued to grow dramatically.

Here are some impressive facts and statistics:

* 30,000 visits to our website per month.
* Average visit time of almost six minutes.
* Over 600 pages with content from 850 partners
* Consistently in the first place or among the top five in search queries due to extensive search engine optimization


Dear Travel & Meetings Unlimited Partner,

* Imagine that your name appears prominently on a high-profile website that attracts 130,000 visitors per month.
* Imagine that these visitors spend an average of six minutes reviewing your information.
Imagine connecting your customers and clients immediately with the Pittsburgh region.

Stop imagining and plan this reality.

From January we offer you the exclusive opportunity to appear on our homepage on a rotating banner ad.

Packages are available quarterly and are offered to only five partners per quarter.

Prices and packages may vary depending on choice and focus. To find out more, contact me at 555-get-cool.

Due to limited space availability these banners are sold very fast – call today!

Correctly. 130,000 visitors a month!


Waiting! Before you boast of knowing which ones have been written by a drafting expert and which are not, you should also be prepared to give at least five reasons for your response.

Okay, which one is which?

I hope most of you have selected Proposal Writing Sample 2 as the one created by the expert.

Now the hard part.

Which five reasons have led you to choose number two?

Make sure your list matches the list below.

Example 2 for writing a proposal:

* Focuses on the customer, not the sender
* Avoids advocacy words like “initiative”, “search engine optimization” and “customization”.
* Presented benefits instead of facts
* Creates a sense of urgency
* Presented the message in a more personal, more talkative tone

Do your suggestions always include the five properties listed above?

If not, you could leave a lot of money on the table.

It may even be worse that you are doing your customers a disservice by not communicating properly with them.

Do not just rely on suggestions you find on a website.

Rely on experienced writers of proposals.

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