Resignation Letter How to Write It

Resignation-Letter-How-to-Write-It Resignation Letter How to Write It


Resignation Letter How to Write It

The beginning and the end of everything begin with a question, and this philosophy also applies to employment. Be it how to write a resume or job application, how to write a notice letter, etc. The questions are common, real and almost one in ten thinks about it. So, here is the solution.

The notice of termination is just as important as the letter of application for each job. There are certain things that you need to be very specific about. As you resign after joining the organization, ideally you can not just go without notice.

Reason for the resignation

You have to give a reason. Remember, we say “a reason” and not “the reason”. You could have your reasons and dare to tell it on her face, good or bad, but there’s a big one here. Mention the reason tactfully. The truth is not expected in the notice letter, but it definitely is a plausible reason.

Resignation letter template


Immediately senior
Name of the organization


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please consider this as my formal request to withdraw from the position of your name in the organization from the name of the organization.

Main part of the letter: The reason for the resignation is __________. I will / will not be able to meet my notice period.

Here I call for the last date as my last working day. I will gladly train my successor and do extra work in this transitional phase.

(Optional) Thanks Line:

Yours sincerely
Your name
employee code

Example of a termination letter


Jim Karter
group leader
Central software systems

Subject: Letter of termination

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Consider this letter as my formal resignation from the position of Senior Web Developer of Central Software Systems. It was indeed a good learning and a growing experience to be with you, and I wish the organization all the best.

The reason for my resignation is the move to another city. I’m shifting my base next month. I will comply with my notice period and like to train my representation.

My entry date is February 14, 2011 and I wish that my last working day is exactly one month from today, the 09.04.2012. I will be glad to be able to do a bit more work during this transitional period.

May Central Software Systems achieve great success. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Yours sincerely
Torque serious
Senior Web Developer
Code BAS 1246

Remember that the letter of termination is personal. In some organizations, there is a fixed format or application. You can find out if your company has it, but usually you have to write a letter yourself.

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