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resume-headlines-examples resume headlines examples


resume headlines examples

Headlines are important – now more than ever

Seth Godin, author of business books and prolific blogger, joked recently, “Headlines are more important than ever, headlines provoke and lead in. They play a role and position themselves, no headline, no communication, if you want to communicate (your CV, Your trustworthiness, your kindness) You need to make sure your headline is convincing, accurate, and a solid foundation for the message you’re ultimately sending. ”

He’s right A CV title, usually the title of the title, serves as an introduction to you, communicates your goal in far less text than a conventional objective statement, and assures the recruitment agency of your position (the company may have several jobs) occupy, and every now and then something gets mixed up). In fact, recruiters have stated that they appreciate when an applicant indicates the position he is applying for.

Headlines generally provoke a reaction, even an unconscious one. They convince subliminally and position the candidate. Maybe you have never considered a headline for your resume? Not sure what I’m talking about? It’s very easy. Rather than making an objective statement – Looking for a position as I.T. Manager – just use a headline at the top of your resume – I.T. Manager. It works like an article title and prepares the reader for what is to come. And it’s easy for the reader to scan; less words with more effect! (See the examples at the end of this article.)

A headline communicates – that’s the quintessence. Documents without headings have less impact and are less noticeable. Given that 95% of applicants do not use a headline, this is an easy way to attract the immediate attention of the recruiter.

Sub-headings work

Direct mail, d. H. Marketing, copywriters know this. Each ad has a headline, and so, say the copywriters, should each paragraph. CVs as self-marketing documents (no biographies, no stories) benefit from marketing strategies. You want your resume to be scannable, which means that the eye can easily read it for several seconds while taking in some important facts. Because the recruiter’s first pass through the recruiting materials may only take 15 seconds to complete your application.

Chunk your information

Research shows that too much information is overwhelming. Information that is broken down into related parts can be more easily included. You probably already broke down your CV information, but why do not you go one step further? Why not use “Management Experience” or “Leadership in Action” instead of relying on the standard “work experience”? How about changing the hobbies area (which is mostly useless information) to a work related area, such as: Get creative with your headlines and include your reader in your resume.

Why it’s more important now than ever

The management is constantly using strategies – this means planning, positioning and evaluating the how and why of something. Using a headline is a simple strategy that you can use in your resume to differentiate yourself from the many other candidates. In these challenging times, when jobseekers increase for most jobs when jobs are lost, it is crucial to stand out from others.

Take it one step higher

After giving yourself a headline, take a step: give yourself a headline. A slogan is defined as: A slogan or phrase that visually conveys the most important product feature or benefit that the advertiser wants to convey. Generally an issue for a campaign (taken from Marketing). Developing a slogan for yourself is a wonderful opportunity to establish yourself as an expert and an excellent candidate. In essence, your slogan should highlight aspects of your experience, skills, or education that are directly related to the type of jobs you are seeking, and above all, it should be authentic to you. Here are some examples:

– Project Management
– Customer Service Excellence
– Personnel management

– with experience in recruiting, retail, speaking and mentoring –

– International experience
– Project Management
– Maintenance planning

Keeping these ideas in your own CV will immediately give you a visual focus that clarifies who you are and what extra you bring to the position.

Stephanie Clark, a respected leader in the resume community, owns New Leaf Resumes. Four awards for Outstanding CVs at the Career Professionals of Canada 2008 and 2010 Awards of Excellence. Cover letter in printed form in Joyce Lain Kennedy’s latest cover book (2009).

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