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resume template for writers

If you are not yet using any dedicated templates for your freelance writing jobs, you should do so. The benefit of freelance writers is the efficiency with which you achieve the desired reader response. The organization and structure of your article writing becomes much easier and the impact on your reader becomes more secure. Purpose-oriented means imposing a high degree of structure on your writing job.

Author of articles should begin with a clear definition of the purpose of the article.

A clear definition of your writing job is a good thing if efficiency is one of your goals. If your purpose is clear, your goal of triggering a reader action is clear. Given the limited number of articles on the Internet, we should now be able to provide a breakdown of general article purposes at the second level. In fact, we can create an outline for most article purposes, creating a template for each type of article. For each expected purpose, we can derive a roadmap of how to get from the article title to the article summary. With the road map in hand, we can easily identify the most direct route to our destination through the structure of the 2nd level. Thus, we can easily imagine the most favorable way for the reader reaction.

Use article purpose templates or outlines.

For example, the purpose of this article is to educate the reader on the importance of being purposeful in our writing. A well-written article is made by the author for a specific purpose. Crafting means that the end result is a reasonable mix of words, sentences, and paragraphs that convey concepts, ideas, and thoughts that fit the purpose of the article.

Some common article purposes.

Here are some general article purposes and a person’s view of how article purpose types can be structured. Customize them for your article writing purposes.

Purposes –

Inform, educate

Topic dimensions, importance to the reader, topic details, summary of benefits, importance, or application

Answer a question:

Question (example, structure of the second level), relevant considerations, discussion of facts and data, form of the answer, concise answer to the question (expected result)

Problem Solving: Define the problem, the criteria for choosing the best solution, discuss alternatives, and discuss the solution

Warning: (avoid something),

Essence of warning, why – what is the damage, how to protect yourself, the expectation of the reader

Review / comparison: what is being reviewed, review or comparison criteria, discussion of how a product or service meets / does not meet the criteria, recommendation

How to tell about what is done, when, in what order, what logical sequence of steps, options, description of results, and benefits to the reader when doing so

Tips: Purpose of the Tips, Benefits to the Reader, Importance, Numbered List of Descriptions, Summary of Value for the Reader

Guidelines: (lessons learned, rules, laws), what is the lesson, why is it important, how it works in the application, summary of learning, application, benefits

Other purpose templates: to develop by you and to adapt to your article writing purposes

Recommendation: Develop a library of article templates that match your article writing requirements. We have shown you some examples of purpose templates above. This is not an exhaustive list and probably will not be expressed in terms that you know. Do not miss the point if, as an online author, you are able to invest in the development of your own list of articles and outlines. As a freelance online author, a library of article templates will become one of your professional tools.

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