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Squeeze-Page-Templates-Squeeze-Pages-That-Work Squeeze Page Templates Squeeze Pages That Work


Squeeze Page Templates Squeeze Pages That Work

Recently, I came across an eBook by Robin Araoz entitled “Squeeze Page Secrets: Increase Opt-In Rates by More Than 10%”. What impressed me most was not the author, not that I wanted to discredit her in any way. She seemed to be doing her homework very well! To be honest, I was most impressed by who she refers to in her recently published e-book.

Summary from an exclusive interview about Aweber

Anyone who has ever pursued long-term Internet marketing or created squeeze pages knows that Aweber is the industry leader in online e-mail listing programs, but few people have the talent and experience to do so People have. To clarify things a little, I’ll show you a small excerpt from the e-book on printed pages.

“This report is the summary of an exclusive Aweber seminar attended by one of the Rhodes Brothers in July 2007. It also contains numerous observations from the Rhodes Brothers on highly successful registration forms, many of which are easily editable 50-60% conversion rate. Guess. ”

If you’ve been using Aweber’s services, you probably know they have a program on their website that claims they can automatically create squeeze pages for their customers. What most people do not fully understand is that this program will ONLY create a small form with the base text that will allow you to add the HTML code to your websites. It does NOT guarantee that you will get people to sign up for your email list. It can NOT be guaranteed that using the new press pages (HTML forms) will increase your conversion ratios. And ultimately, it does NOT guarantee that it will increase your ROI or return on investment. It just makes it easier for you to create a very simple form that lets you add pages to compress your sites.

A short note for newcomers before we move on

If you’ve never used a program to create an online email list, I recommend GetResponse. For the value you receive and the level of service they offer, the price is simply unbeatable. Please note that I do NOT earn any money by mentioning the name here and I am sure you have noticed that this article is an exclusive Aweber seminar. The concept is the same. For those of you who do not know what Aweber or GetResponse is, you can use Google and do a search.

I would like to publish a very short disclaimer here

Earlier this year, Aweber held a very limited training course for Internet marketers, which was offered by invitation only. One of the Rhodes brothers often referenced in the above eBook was one of the few elite lucky ones to attend. Unlike the people involved, he has been taking piles of notes. In her publication, Robin AWebers shares secrets (and proven data!) With you. The quotes are word for word as spoken by the Aweber team.

A shocking revelation that underpins my views

The first direct quote in Robin’s eBook Aweber Squeeze Pages states; “Forms are never on their own – look at the context – opt-in forms are part of a larger sales process – and here too, consider your overall business goals.”

She tells readers how important tracking is when Internet marketers set up their squeeze pages. This also applies if you consider your landing page / sales page, the layout of your website, or literally ANY WEBSITE that you use through affiliate programs, JV partnerships, organic search engine traffic, and paid search engine traffic from which you want to obtain data (such as Google AdWords) or any other form of paid internet marketing advertising.

To summarize their point, which I’m sure every seasoned Internet marketing veteran would agree with, when setting up squeeze pages to create your email list, you need to keep track of what works and what does not. If you pay an arbitrary company to post YOUR banner on their website, but you only get 10 to 50 unique visitors per week, and the conversion ratios are even worse, this simply will NOT work! If you’re paying another company to get organic or paid search engine traffic from Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft’s own MSN search engine, which shows 100 to 300 visitors a day, and you sign up to 3% to 5% of that effort on average, or better You know that this works.

With tracking, you can track what works and what does not, so you can ease the things that are stopping you and focus your Internet marketing / advertising costs on programs that work and point to your print pages. This is the biggest and most overlooked secret in creating e-mail lists.

Continue to Robin’s Aweber Lesson Number Two

I ONLY cite the Aweber team directly because I do not intend to commit plagiarism. “All registration forms and the context should be 100% clear. Do not try to be tricky.” There are insider tips, tricks, and secrets that I’ll explore in my upcoming articles, Hubpages posts, and publications for my own social networking groups. To keep this simple and give you information that WORKS, it is important for newcomers (and even experienced Internet marketers) to make sure that you DO NOT unduly complicate things.

The concept of the printed pages is SIMPLE and should be kept that way. If you trick people into signing up, more email names may be added to your list, but they’re NOT the type of people you want to market with. I can not stress this enough here and in other publications. You want a responsive email list that you can use and that is targeted to your specific market.

Aweber Lesson Three explains purposeful marketing

“Do you have opt-ins for specific destinations everywhere,” says the Aweber team. When you talk about opt-ins or opt-in forms, they talk about what we generally refer to when we talk about the HTML forms used on our squeeze pages. Many internet marketers use a customized form of these press pages on their landing pages / sales pages.

An interesting point I’ve recently heard from Armand Morin is that most people do NOT research. One of the most common mistakes is to do a limited amount of research before you create your squeeze pages and then target only a small portion of your target market. People often see the obvious, noting that the vast majority of those in front of them in their respective niche made sales to people who were looking for a certain number of content-related terms. This is where many Internet marketers fail.

To shape a common idiom of video game organizers, you need to “think outside the box”. We DO NOT live in a one-dimensional or even two-dimensional black and white world. You must take a well-rounded approach to your research and consider as many aspects as possible when you start setting up printed pages to market your products, services, or affiliate programs. The logic is that if you have a larger number of sources that refer to your press pages, theoretically you will sign up more people for these services, make more sales, and get more people to sign up for your email lists.

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